Bringing you the advantage of buying DIRECT from a importer.

Our team comprises of people who are in this business for over a decade. We have been supplying to large businesses and have in-depth knowledge of the product.

Now we are teaming up to come directly to you to offer our finest products at a best possible price.

Why buy from us?

All the Indian Stone available in UK comes from same region in India. Most of them are processed and packed in facilities like ours. But due to huge overheads of large companies and their profit margins, the prices you pay for the same product as the one we offer goes up significantly.

Another issue businesses face constantly is the quality and consistency of the colour. Due to price pressure lot of exporters in India pack inferior products which remain largely unnoticed until you open the pack to take the slabs out. By buying from us you can be rest assured of any such issues as majority of the products are packed in our own facility or through others who are reliable and known to us. 

All in all we always keep an ear close to the ground all throughout the supply chain to make sure that we offer the best products and service to our customers.